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KICK-OFF MEETING (First Transnational Project Meeting)

#LEADFARM5.0 partners met on May 25th to kick off the project activities.
The event was hosted by the project coordinator ICOS in Dublin, Ireland.

The project, through a transnational and collaborative process, involve partners from four EU countries (Italy, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Latvia, Sweden). All consortium members were represented by qualified PhD level researchers who have participated in other EU projects in the past.

The first part of the meeting was dedicated to a deepening of mutual knowledge, and a friendly and positive atmosphere was immediately created, allowing us to discuss the objectives and all the project implementation phases.
A general revision of the administrative and financial aspects of the project were also discussed in the first phase of the kick-off meeting.

The second phase of the meeting was dedicated to the planning of task across all the work packages with a clear focus on the design and implementation of a competency framework (work package 3) that will be the cornerstone of the training programme developed for the stakeholders.

It was a very constructive and energetic start off to this project, stay tuned for more updates in the near future!